Introductory Physics, 3rd Edition ebook (1-year license)

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Introductory Physics is ideal for the "physics first" high school science program, which places a physics-based course in the freshman year. The Novare Science philosophy believes physics logically belongs at the start of the high school science sequence because it includes so many foundational skills and concepts that chemistry and biology studies can build upon later. However, this book can also easily be used in 10th or 11th grade in the "traditional" placement; two optional chapters ("Pressure and Buoyancy" and "Geometric Optics") have been included with more challenging math content for those older students. Students should be concurrently enrolled in Algebra 1, or have already completed Algebra 1. It does not use trigonometry (Physics: Modeling Nature is an advanced physics text that does use trig). This book features classic Novare textbooks c haracteristics: a smaller profile; vibrant and relevant graphics; interesting, clear, conversational prose; an approach that connects students with real-world science and is written from the perspective of the historic Christian faith; and guiding principles of Mastery Learning and Integration. Throughout the text, key concepts, definitions, and skills are repeated. Students rehearse and reencounter prior concepts as they learn new content with a view toward more thorough retention. Topics based in other subjects are also integrated to demonstrate the connections that exist between all scientific subjects. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and includes a weekly cumulative quiz along with chapter exercises that require calculations or full-sentence answers. ISBN: 9780998169958 Copyright 2021, Non-returnable. This is an EdTech Digital edition product.

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